The Summer heat has arrived

This means Seventh Switch will serve up some hot new grooves to move your feet to in several upcoming outdoor California shows. “We’re going for an impact! We celebrate life through music for family, friends and new fans every time we play. We like to do songs that people love which are not that common. Our fans can look forward to some new material, and hopefully, doing some originals.” said Herb ‘Kickei’ Calles, the band’s lead singer.

Seventh Switch dances into Spring 2014

The full schedule of shows continues into this Spring with a good lineup of venues and private shows for the versatile dance/rock band Seventh Switch. Their latin flavored rhythms keep fans moving to the groove with each added song and performance. “I love the band and the potential this band has. Our hearts are into it, and that’s what matters, our audience picks up on it!” Said Leland Harmon, the band’s drummer.